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Established in 1995, SUSS Tech is an industry leader in the cGMP manufacture of dietary supplements. SUSS produces private label dietary supplements and other health products for distributors worldwide. SUSS is committed to excellence in customer service and in the products manufactured.

All of our manufacturing takes place in our twin 8,000 sq. ft. facilities in Las Vegas, NV, USA, where we have the state-of-the-art production line with a high production capacity. Our in-house analytical lab features a set of comprehensive tests that ensure the integrity of the raw materials received and the finished products shipped.

SUSS certifies that the facilities, processes, and process control systems used for the production of dietary supplements are in conformity with the current Good Manufacturing Practices as set forth in Title 21 Part 111 Code of Federal Regulations. We are licensed in the state of Nevada to manufacture the highest quality dietary supplements.

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FDA Food Facility Registration #
NV State Health Division Permit #
Current Production Capacity
Powder Blending - 600 Kg per day
Encapsulation - 300K per day
Tablet Compression - 300K per day
Bottling - 1K bottles per day
Tea Bag Filling- 60K per day

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